Erin Donohue

Ph.D., Parenthood and Parent-Child Relationships

Entered the Program: 2013

Hometown: Saugus, Massachusetts

Previous Education:

  • M.A., Human Development and Family Studies (Parenthood/Parent-child relationships), University of Connecticut, 2016
  • B.S., Psychology (Developmental Processes), Worcester State University, 2013

Research Interests:

  • Emotion regulation across the lifespan
  • Parent-child emotion/affect masking
  • Parental socialization of emotions/emotion regulation with young children
  • Parenting in diverse contexts/times of stress or transition (e.g. high risk families, loss of a co-parent, etc.)

Advising Committee:

  1. Major Advisor: Kari Adamsons

Degree Milestones:

  • Master’s thesis defense (Exploring Maternal Emotion Masking as a Contribution to Kindergartener’s Emotion Regulation) – May, 2016

Assistantship Experience:

  • Graduate Assistant for UConn’s Pre-College Summer Program/Office of Early College Programs, August 2016-present
  • Research Assistant for Parents as Coping Coaches (PaCC) Parenting Intervention at CCMC, August 2015-August 2016
  • Teaching Assistant (2004W- Research Methods in HDFS), August 2013-May 2016


  • Member of UCCFR, UConn Council on Family Relations, Fall 2014-present
Erin Donohue
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