Danielle Annett

Associate Director of CARHD

Dr. Annett is the Associate Director of CARHD and Assistant Research Professor.  She began her career as a School Psychologist working with students referred out of their home schools due to behavioral, social/emotional challenges.  In her time as a school psychologist and specifically engaging in the functional behavior assessment process, she found that many recommendations were systemically and / or environmentally based leading her to pursue additional graduate work in Educational Psychology in order to address systemic issues for all children.  Her recent research focuses on the achievement gap and designing environments and interventions to empower students to achieve and counselors to connect.  In partnership with Robert Colbert, Ph.D. Danielle has developed a multi-tiered system of support for urban high schools that integrates counseling standards and the Common Core while focusing on culturally competent college and career readiness through a supportive curriculum.  She has expertise in understanding student achievement within specific contexts while considering factors that contribute to student and school success.  She also emphasizes home, school, and community collaboration to create continuity across rich cultural environments to maximize success.  In addition, Danielle has comprehensive assessment expertise and engages in supportive program evaluation and action planning.

Contact Information
Phone860 486 6223