Linda C. Halgunseth


Educational Background

Ph.D. University of Missouri
M.S. University of Missouri
B.A. with Honors, University of Texas at Austin

Professional Interests

  • Latino and African American Parenting
  • Cultural Influences on Parent-Child Relations and Parenting
  • Children of Immigrants
  • Culturally-Appropriate Measurement Development
  • Minority Health and Well-Being

Selected Publications:

  • Halgunseth, L.C., Espinosa-Hernández, G., Joeng, H.K., Chang, Y, Card, N.A. & Reid, A. (in press).  Parenting practices and adolescent adjustment in Mexico: Initial Evidence of the Mexican Parenting Questionnaire for Adolescence (MPQ-A).  Journal of Child and Family Studies.
  • Halgunseth, L.C., Jensen, A., Sakuma, K., & McHale, S. (2016).  The role of mothers’ and fathers’ religiosity in African American adolescents’ religious beliefs and practices. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 22 (3), 386-394.
  • Espinosa-Hernandez, G., Bissell-Havran, J., Van Duzor, A., & Halgunseth, L.C. (2016).  Romantic relationships in Mexico: Understanding the roles of parenting and respeto across adolescence.  Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.
  • Vasilenko, S.A., Espinosa-Hernandez, G., & Halgunseth, L.C. (2016).  Positive and negative perceived consequences of first intercourse in Mexican adolescents. Journal of Culture, Health, and Sexuality, 18 (5), 582-596.
  • BeLue, R., Halgunseth, L.C., Abiero, B, & Bediako, P. (2015). The relations among maternal health status, parenting stress, and child behavior problems in low-income, ethnic-minority families. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, 2, 501-509.
  • Chang, Y. & Halgunseth, L.C. (2015). The association between psychosocial adjustment and weight status change among ethnic-minority adolescents. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 44, 870-886.
  • Chang, Y., & Halgunseth, L.C.  (2015). The association between family meals and early-adolescents' weight status change in the context of parental discipline practices: The moderating roles of ethnicity and acculturation. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 17(2), 450-458.
  • Halgunseth, L.C., Perkins, D.F., Lippold, M., & Nix, R.L. (2013). Delinquent-oriented attitudes mediate the relation between parental inconsistent discipline and early adolescent behavior. Journal of Family Psychology, 27 (2), 293-302.
  • Halgunseth, L.C. & Ispa, J. (2012). Mexican Parenting Questionnaire (MPQ). Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 34 (2), 232-250.
  • Halgunseth, L. C., Smith, E. P., & Craig, A. (2011). Effective parenting and its impact on conduct problems among African American children. In. T. L. Mann, N. E. Hill, & H. E. Fitzgerald (Eds.), Child psychology and mental health: Cultural and ethno-racial perspectives, vol. 2 (pp.183-209). Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.
  • Halgunseth, L. C., Ispa, J. M., & Rudy, D. (2006). Parental control in Latino families: An integrated review in the literature. Child Development, 77 (5),1282-1297.
  • Halgunseth, L. C., Ispa, J. M., Csizmadia, A., & Thornburg, K. R. (2005). Relations among maternal racial identity, maternal parenting behavior, and child outcomes in low-income urban Black families. Journal of Black Psychology, 31 (4), 418-440.

Selected Presentations:

  • Halgunseth, L.C., Espinosa-Hernandez, G., Reid, A., Harris, C., & Gutierrez, E. (2016, October).  Parenting Practices and Mexican Adolescents' Psychological Adjustment: The Role of Gender.  Poster Symposium to be presented at Society for Research on Child Development Special Topics Conference on Babies, Boys, and Men of Color, Tampa, FL.
  • Halgunseth, L.C. (Panel Chair; 2015, March). Latino Parenting and Child Developmental Outcomes: From Toddlers to Adolescents. Paper Symposium presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Child Development, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Halgunseth, L. C., Sakuma, K.K., Stanik, C., & McHale, S.M. (2014, March). Parental correlates and influences on adolescent religious beliefs in two-parent African American families. Poster presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence, Austin, TX. This poster was competitively selected for special recognition for a session focused on Diversity in Adolescence at the conference.
  • Halgunseth, L.C. (2013, April). Parenting in context: Validation of the Mexican Parenting Questionnaire for Adolescents (MPQ-A) among adolescents in Mexico. Paper presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Child Development, Seattle, WA.
  • Halgunseth, L.C. (2011, March). Developing a parenting measure for immigrant Mexican mothers: A mixed-methods approach. Paper presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Child Development, Montreal, QC.
  • Halgunseth, L. C. (2009, October). Strengthening concepts and measures of engagement with families. Invited speaker for the annual meeting of the Office of Planning and Research Evaluation (OPRE) Child Care Policy Research Consortium, Washington, DC.
  • Halgunseth, L. C. (2008, July). Developing successful family partnerships across ethnically and linguistically diverse early childhood communities. Invited speaker for the annual meeting of the State and Territory Child Care Administrators Meeting, Washington, DC.