Community of Graduate Students

  1. Sumbleen AliSumbleenAliPh.D., Parenting and Parenthood;
  2. Carmen BrittonCarmenBrittonPh.D., Prevention & Early
  3. Ciara CollinsCiaraCollinsPh.D., Prevention & Early
  4. Jennifer DealyJenniferDealyPh.D., Prevention & Early Intervention; Marriage and Family
  5. Kate DibbleKateDibblePh.D., Health and Well-beingkate.dibble@uconn.edu
  6. Erin DonohueErinDonohuePh.D., Parenthood and Parent-Child
  7. Rachael FarinaRachaelFarinaM.A., Marriage and Family Therapy
  8. Jose Michael GonzalezJose MichaelGonzalezPh.D., Parenthood and Parent-Child Relationships; Prevention & Early
  9. Molly HarmonMollyHarmonM.A., Prevention & Early
  10. Joy HeafnerJoyHeafnerPh.D., Marriage and Family
  11. Morica HutchisonMoricaHutchisonM.A., Marriage and Family
  12. Kevin HynesKevinHynesPh.D., Marriage and Family
  13. Hyeseong KangHyeseongKangPh.D., Marriage and Family
  14. Courtney LincolnCourtneyLincolnPh.D., Prevention & Early
  15. Jessica MaksutJessicaMaksutPh.D., Health and
  16. Alex MolaverAlexMolaverPh.D., Parenthood and Parent-Child
  17. Alexander ReidAlexanderReidPh.D., Parenthood and Parent-Child
  18. Jonelle ReynoldsJonelleReynoldsPh.D., Parenthood and Parent-Child Relationships
  19. Emily SimpsonEmilySimpsonPh.D., Health and
  20. Anne Thompson HellerAnneThompson HellerPh.D., Health and
  21. Lindsay WestbergLindsayWestbergPh.D., Prevention & Early Intervention

For graduate students, publishing work in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals and sharing work at professional conferences (regionally, nationally, and internationally) is a priority.  See where our graduate students have presented and published their work recently.

UCONN’s graduate students are affiliated with the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) through The UConn Council on Family Relations (UCCFR), a professional organization for graduate students who are preparing for academic careers in human development, family policy, and other related areas.